Number of cats rescued from a Kewanee home more than doubles

The number of cats rescued is now more than 60.

KEWANEE, Illinois - The number of cats rescued from a home in Kewanee last week has more than doubled since originally reported.

Some of them should be ready for adoption after September 15th.

About half of the cats are currently in the care of the Kewanee Animal Control. Leaders there say more cats could still be caught at the home.

"When the gentleman told us there could be 30 or 40 cats, we kind of cringed," said Animal Control Manager Kathy Werderman.

Werderman said taking all of the cats in at the shelter has been challenging.

"We didn`t have enough food, we didn`t have enough litter," said Wederman.

Neighbors responded by donating food and litter.

The community also donated about $800 to help cover vet costs.

"We have enough money to get all of them fixed and their shots, neutered, chips," she said.

Some of the cats that were rescued won't be able to adjust to family life easily. They're wild cats.

"They will claw you, they will bite you, They`re just not tamed," said Werderman.

Local farmers have stepped up. They take the wild cats to their farms and provide food, water and shelter. Then, the cats will help the farmers with rodent control.

Werderman said the cats at the pound should be ready for adoption on Sept. 12.

She said she will not charge an adoption fee, but will need to make sure each cat is going to a responsible household.

No charges have been filed in this case.

Werderman said all of the cats were in healthy condition when they were rescued. She believes the couple who owns the home became overwhelmed by all of the cats.