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North Scott Schools starting from scratch on contract negotiations

North Scott school district is starting from scratch with contract negotiations.

ELDRIDGE, Iowa --  Hundreds of schools rushed to get teacher union contract negotiations underway before Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed the new collective bargaining act into law.

One district that didn't is North Scott.

"I rushed into a contract in Wisconsin, that 48 hours later, the unions all regretted what they rushed into and I did not want us to rush into something that eventually we would regret," said Joe Stutting, North Scott Superintendent.

Stutting was a superintendent in Wisconsin before coming to North Scott.

"As much as you would like to try to create a win-win, I think to rush into a win-win, just didn't look like it was gonna happen," said Stutting.

The new collective bargaining law limits how and what public workers can and cannot negotiate.

"The law with only being base wage as part of the master contract and then you have a whole list of permissible subjects the board will have to talk about," said Stutting.

Stutting said the district plans to start working on a contract and handbook as soon as possible.

"For us we'll sit, whether we call it negotiations or meeting confer, we will meet with our staff and we will talk about all those things that are important to us, that are important to them," said Stutting.

They hope to have a contract done before the school year ends.