Niabi Zoo free for moms this Sunday

The zoo hosts several mother-child animal pairs.
Katavi with his mom

COAL VALLEY, Illinois- In honor of Mothers Day, Niabi Zoo is offering free admission to mothers on Mother’s Day.

This year Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 12.

The zoo will be open all day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the last admission at 4 p.m.

The zoo hosts several mother-child animal pairs.

“The Niabi team loves seeing the way their animal mothers care for their children. Baby Colobus monkey, Katavi, who was born last December, has stuck close to his mom.”- Lee Jackson, Zoo Director.

“Katavi continues to hit milestone after milestone as he grows quickly,” said Tammy Schmidt, assistant director, Niabi Zoo. “He is speeding towards adulthood, and he is developing his climbing muscles. Katavi has grown so well and so fast. It’s a great testament to his mom and the family troop!”

On Mother’s Day, Niabi will host conservation biologist Debbie Clemens, who will speak about Missing Orangutan Mothers (MOM).

She will teach about the importance of the orangutan mother-child relationship and how guests can support orphaned orangutans, who have been orphaned due to the Palm Oil Crisis in which forests are cleared for palm plantations.