Your tax refund may be delayed this year thanks to a new law

The wait for refund checks could be up to a month for some.

MOLINE -- Tax season is quickly approaching, starting on January 23 and this year some taxpayers will see a big delay in getting their refunds.

"Anyone filing with children, who are claiming the earned income tax credit," could wait up to a month to see their refund, said James Fromi, President, AmeriFile. "They will not start sending out any refunds until the 15th of February, which means most people will get them 10 to 21 days from that day."

A new law is giving the IRS more time to go through tax returns.

"To curb a lot of the fraud involved in the earned income tax credit and people claiming kids that aren't theirs or a lot of the identity theft issues," said Fromi.

Last year the IRS required health insurance expenses to be included on tax returns, however, AmeriFile reminded people that if you get health insurance through your employer, you do not need to wait for the 95 B or 95 C forms to arrive to do your taxes. However, if your insurance is through healthcare.gov, you have to wait for your 95 A form to arrive from the government in order to file your taxes.

This year taxpayers will have a few extra days to file: the due date is April 18th.