Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Racoon Motel opens in downtown Davenport

The run down building was considered an eye sore. It used to be Davenport’s musicians guild. And now it’s wowing customers.

DAVENPORT-- "Music, whiskey, it's a new day for downtown. We're excited," says Rich Cooksey, one of the four co-owners of Davenport's new bar at 304 E. 3rd Street.

It's excitement that's been building for the past five months. Mix together a whiskey bar, a music venue, and a vintage building, and you get the Triple Crown Whiskey Bar and Raccoon Motel.

It's a bar bringing music back to where it all began.

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"We haven't done all the exterior stuff yet, so I think it's extra surprising when you walk in," says co-owner Sean Moeller.

The run down building was considered an eye sore. It used to be Davenport's musicians guild. And now it's wowing customers.

"It's the idea that antiques still have a lot of value and can give a lot," says the bar's first customer Jamie Nordling.

It's also bringing a newfound energy.

"There's a pulse to the downtown that didn't exist when I was growing up here, and I just love it. It's pretty neat," says local customer John Bush.

Four local Davenport boys hope their creating will pour in local music lovers but also musicians from all over the nation.

"We do have a lot of these options and opportunities to see people that sell out venues all over the country. So come out and see these people," says Moeller.

It's breathing life into a familiar place.

"That's my home. That's it. I've never wanted to live anywhere else," says Moeller.