Muscatine’s city administrator plans to take legal action against mayor for ‘defamation’

Muscatine’s city administrator is planning to take legal action against Mayor Diana Broderson.

MUSCATINE, Iowa -- Muscatine's city administrator is planning to take legal action against Mayor Diana Broderson.

In a statement released Thursday, October 26th, City Administrator Gregg Mandsager alleges that the mayor has compromised the reputation of him and his family and said that he was taking legal action "for defamation and other wrongdoings."

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"If I were to go out today and look for a new position anybody doing a google search would certainly have a lot of questions," said Mandsager.

Mandsager says his reputation has been shot because of what he calls, lies told by Mayor Diana Broderson.

"Whether it be the gender discrimination, gender biased issue whether it being banging on the mayors desk saying, I run this city story, that's been told and there's 50 different versions," said Mandsager.

Mayor Broderson told News 8 that story of one of her first encounters with Mandsager during an interview back in January.

"Right after I was elected by the people I was told that I was not accepted by the city administrator. (Gregg Mandsager) came in here and told me that he's the boss, not me," said Broderson.

Mandsager says that conversation never happened, now he's asking for a public retraction and apology, if not, he'll be taking Broderson and the city to court for defamation.

"I apologize for that, I think it's unfortunate but I also think it's necessary and I hope that they understand that," said Mandsager.

Mandsager's been silent for months as the city council voted to limit the mayor's powers and ultimately remove her from office, he's speaking now two days after a judge ruled that process was flawed.

"Why now, good question, the legal preceding have concluded and it's time for me to stand up and protect my family, my personal reputation and my professional reputation," said Mandsager.

The city administrator still has the support of at least one city council member, Santos Saucedo defended him during an interview with New 8 earlier this week.

"Currently, I am very satisfied with Gregg's work and output on what we are doing currently," said Saucedo.

However, Mandsager's new allegations are a new twist in the divide in city hall.

"It's time for the lies to stop, and it's time for the truth to come out," said Mandsager.

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