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Moving forward in Muscatine: what the newly-elected council members are looking to change

Newly elected city council members weigh in on what they believed needs to be changed in the city.

MUSCATINE, Iowa - Scott Natvig has two months left on the Muscatine city council after losing his bid for re-election Tuesday night.

When News 8 asked, do you have any regrets, "No, no no, none at all," said Natvig.

However, voters had a different idea, soon the council will have three new faces led by Mayor Diana Broderson.

Oz Malcolm beat out incumbent city council member Mike Rehwaldt, he's ready to make some changes including restoring the mayor's appointing powers that the council stripped her of back in August of 2016.

"I'm in of the opinion that they should be restored immediately, like of yesterday," said Malcolm.

Newly elected to the 4th ward, Nadine Brockert says the council should review most ordinances changed by the current council.

"I think the voters in my ward and the rest of the city sent us a very plain message that they want things to change," said Brockert.

Newly elected at-large alderman Kelcey Brackett thinks there are also questions for the city attorney, he says the previous council followed his advice in impeaching the mayor, a process a judge said violated Broderson's rights.

"That is where we were lead down the wrong path and we were told that was the type of council that we needed for the city, type of attorney that we needed for the city," said Brackett.

The legal process isn't over yet, with city administrator Gregg Mandsager claiming he may sue the city and the mayor for defamation.

"His job is to follow our lead and if he's got a problem with that, than maybe he needs to consider resigning but I'm coming in here with the point that you're the subordinate and we need you to help us do what we do and if you can't do that have a nice day, it was nice seeing you," said Malcolm.

The new members of council are all hoping new leadership puts Muscatine on the right path.