Motorcyle and car nearly collide; passenger injured

Two vehicles nearly collide on a rural highway with one passenger sustaining injuries.
tire marks crash road accident

ELIZABETH, Illinois — A woman was injured after a motorcycle and a car nearly crashed into each other travelling down Highway 20 Saturday afternoon.

The bike was driven by a 36-year old man from Oswego, Illinois with a 35-year old female passenger, travelling west on the highway near Elizabeth, Illinois. The two were travelling behind a passenger car being driven by a 79-year old man from Lanark, Illinois.

According to a press release from the Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, the motorcycle had pulled into the eastbound lane in order to pass another vehicle that had just pulled out of a nearby gas station. At the same time, the car merged into the lane with the same intention. The two vehicles did not collide, but the motorcycle rider hit the brakes, which caused the bike to lose control and crash.

The sheriff’s office responded to the call at 12:40 p.m. The female passenger sustained injuries and an Elizabeth ambulance rushed her to a nearby hospital.

The crash will remain under investigation.