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Mother of Galva boy shot and killed after car crash says she doesn’t think it was an accident

“Make sure the man is actually convicted. He took a life. It doesn’t matter how much jail time that man gets. It will never give me back my son,R...

GALVA, Illinois--  A Galva mother is trying to put together her son's last moments of what really happened the night 19-year-old Xavier Hartman was shot and killed after getting in a car accident.

Last week Hartman was driving his truck, and it rolled over into a ditch on a rural Galva road.

That's when police say Jim Love came out from his farm house not too far from the accident and shot Hartman in the leg, killing him.

Today Hartman's mom, Melissa Kelly laid her only son to rest.

"Shattered, heart broken. angry, I don't understand," says Kelly.

No matter how hard she tries, Kelly can't make sense of why her only son is gone even on the day of his funeral.

"And that's what Xavier was always known for was to be there no matter his own hardship or what he was going through in life, he would be there for you," says Kelly.

But last Monday night, Melissa says no one was there for him.

Police say Xavier was driving his pick-up truck down a rural Galva road when it flipped into a ditch.

Kelly says Xavier was out fishing.

"It's not unlike Xavier to be out fishing this late. My daughter had just snap chatted a picture of him fishing," says Kelly.

It was then when police say 58-year-old Jim Love came out of his house and shot Xavier in the leg, hitting an artery. Xavier later died at the hospital.

Not knowing it was her son, Kelly heard the whole thing.

"It's what I heard, I heard this on the scanner. I don't know what happened between Jim Love and my son. I don't know what happened. I know that nobody helped him. And if there was an accident, why didn't you help him? If you didn't mean to harm him, why would you allow him to lay there by himself in that bean field alone?" questions Kelly.

Now Kelly wants justice for her beloved son.

"Make sure the man is actually convicted. He took a life. It doesn't matter how much jail time that man gets. It will never give me back my son," says Kelly.

She wishes she could have been there in his final hours.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you. And I felt him come to me and wake me up," says Kelly.

But she knows she won't stop until she gets justice for her boy who helped everyone else.

"I will do whatever it is I have to do to make sure justice is served for him. His life is too precious to be taken like that."

After the service on Monday for Xavier, a fishing boat on a trailer led the funeral procession through town. Xavier's friends and family say if he wasn't working or with his two little sisters, you could always find him at the fishing hole.

Jim Love is charged with first degree murder. His next day in court is July 17, 2018.