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Montana Gov. Steve Bullock makes campaign stop in Davenport for 2020

Governor Steve Bullock visits Davenport on one of his first stops of his presidential campaign for 2020.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Montana Governor and presidential candidate Steve Bullock made one of his firsts stops of his campaign for 2020 in Davenport at Baked Beer and Bread Company after he declared he was running for president earlier this week.

There are now 25 presidential candidates running against President Trump for the 2020 election.  Many voters in the Quad Cities want to make sure they pick the right one and some are speaking up with questions they want answered.

As the 2020 election draws near, voters have a lot on their minds, and for Sheri Carnahan - family comes first.

“What’s happening to this country is frightening to me,” says Carnahan.

Carnahan’s family is diverse, which is why she made one glaring observation at the campaign stop.

“My concern is everyone in this group was pretty much non-diverse, and he comes from a very homogeneous state,” says Carnahan.

That state is Montana, where democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock is the governor.

“I’m not saying because of that he wouldn’t be a wonderful leader,” Carnahan comments. “But it was something that I just had to ask.”

“What is your plan to help turn around what is happening in this country?” Carnahan asks Bullock about diversity.

“You do it by funding the programs that need be,” Bullock responds. “You also do it by being more systematic.”

The diversity concern isn’t just in the Quad Cities, it’s seen across the nation.

“That’s how we actually address differing communities with different expectations,” says Bullock. “Knowing that a mother on the south side of Chicago wants the same thing for he child as a mother here in Davenport.”

“Let’s, as elected officials, act like our kids are watching because they are,” Bullock adds.

For now, as the race for 2020 continues, Carnahan is keeping family top of mind.

Diversity was an important issue brought up, but voters also had concerns about gun laws, Medicare, and student debt.

Presidential candidate Representative Beto O’Rourke will be in Davenport Monday to view the flood damage.