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Moline police officer uses experiences on streets to co-author children’s book with brothers

Hennigar says the book goes deeper than the lessons, it’s a call for dad’s everywhere to step up as father figures.

MOLINE-- Patrolling the streets, he's always on the hunt for the bad guys.

"I'm confident I'll always come home, but you do have that in the back of your mind that you might be in a situation you can't control," says Officer Collin Hennigar.

Officer Hennigar has spend the last six years wearing his stripes proudly. But his most cherished job title came about a year and a half ago. Now, he's a dad to his son Myers.

"I don't want him to ever think or question I'm not going to be there for him," says Hennigar.

Recently Hennigar added on another trade.

With the help of his brothers, he is now  a published author. They wrote a children's book called Like my Dad Always Said.

The inspiration behind every page came from his father and the lessons he preached.

Hennigar says the book goes deeper than the lessons, it's a call for dad's everywhere to step up as father figures.

"We want to take it a step further to not just be a dad, but be a generous dad. Generous with your time and your love and anything else your child needs," says Collin's brother Jordan Hennigar.

"Males commit more violent crimes, males have a higher tendency to abuse narcotics. Basically every negative statistic you can think of, males are leading in it, and it's not a good thing," says Collin Hennigar.

Collin sees it at work on a daily basis.

"You'll go from 10 minutes from your break time I might be looking at him. 10 minutes prior to that, I might be in a house where kids are living in squalor," says Hennigar.

And while baby Myers might not yet fully get the message, this dad, writer, and officer gets what it means to be there for his son.

You can order Like my Dad Always Said  on Amazon, or you can buy it directly from their website at 3hbooks.com

Each book ordered from the website comes with a small coloring gift for a child.