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Moline looks to get rid of first-responder fee

City of Moline getting rid of first-responder fee to be a more welcoming community.

MOLINE - The city of Moline is looking to get rid of it's first-responder fee.

Currently, non-residents of Moline are charged if a first-responder comes to the scene of an accident they caused.

The charges are $66 for police, $262 for a fire truck and $127 for an ambulance.

Moline Mayor Stephanie Acri says the revenue received from this fee could be made up in other ways.

"We would consider it as a potential financial benefit because if people feel more welcome to shop in Moline, we'll have more sales tax revenue, so I think that we feel like it will be a financial wash," said Acri.

The proposal to eliminate the fee still has to go to council but passed 7-0 during the Bi-Annual Review.