Moline-Coal Valley Schools proposed tax levy will benefit both taxpayers and the schools

Moline-Coal Valley Schools considering a tax levy that would be lower for taxpayers but bring in more revenue.

MOLINE  - Teachers in the classroom for years have been doing more than less but this year, Moline-Coal Valley schools will be charging less and getting more.

"If you had a house last year that was valued at $100,000  and then you bought another house valued at about $100,000 you would save about $15 in taxes associated with the school district," said Dave McDermott, Chief Financial Advisor.

It's possible because of a stronger housing market, driving up property values and putting less pressure on property taxes, it's having an impact that adds up,"$43 million this year versus $42.3 million last year," said McDermott.

That's $700,000 more for the coming year than the district saw this year and it gives the district some certainty after two years in limbo because of the state.

"With the state of Illinois a lot relies on the local property tax it's the most stable taxation that we have and it's important that it is growing," said McDermott.

The school board will decide on the property tax levy in December and will start seeing that money come in in the summer of 2018.