Love Whitey’s ‘Chippers’? Here’s the man to thank

Adam Copp holds a lot of pride being the only baker of the Whitey’s ‘Chipper’

MOLINE, Illinois – The Whitey’s ice cream sandwich, better known as the “Chipper,” received first place at the World Dairy Expo in the Ice Cream Sandwich category in October.  But a lot goes in to making the best ice cream sandwich on the planet.

It starts with one Quad City native who holds a lot of pride – and he has every right to.

“If anyone is eating the “Chipper,” I made the cookie.  It’s kind of impressive,” says Adam Copp, the baker at the Whitey’s factory.

Copp is the sole baker of every homemade cookie that sandwiches a scoop of rich ice cream in the Whitey’s “Chipper.”  He also makes other treats for Whitey's like their carrot cake and brownies.

Five days a week he is cranking, patting, baking, and serving 2,000 cookies each day at the Whitey’s factory – all to make the signature “Chipper.”

“He does a lot of work,” claims one of Copp’s coworkers.

But there’s a secret behind the cookie magic.

“You can tell they didn’t come out of a machine mold,” Copp says.

Each one is different and authentically homemade.

“The homemade cookies - it’s hard to beat,” claims Copp.

The award-winning baker has been baking fresh cookies for five years now and there’s no sign of stopping.

“I know I’m good, but’s it’s good to see you’re recognized for being good,” says Copp. “It’s hard to get sick of baking cookies.”

So, every time you open a "Chipper" you can be reminded of one thing – each cookie is made with care and pride, thanks to one dedicated baker.

“It’s a good thing I like doing this,” says Copp. “It’s not really work if you enjoy doing it.”

Whitey’s is now making “Christmas Chippers,” which consist of two chocolate cookies and a scoop of Whitey’s peppermint Oreo ice cream.  They will be in stores November 29th.