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Local professor explains the business behind Facebook

Facebook users are customers. Facebook itself is a business.

MOLINE-- A class discussion about Facebook at Black Hawk college is being talked about around the country. How do people use Facebook, and do they understand the nature behind the social media site?

"I do, yes. I mainly look at photos my family posts on there," says Black Hawk student Elodie Bouwens.

Jack Hollister is studying computer science. He says he doesn't use the site at all.

"Growing up in an environment where all that information is just available to anyone anywhere, I'm just paraniod," says Hollister.

Business professor Ewelina Bergert's lesson on Wednesday, to teach her students what Facebook really is.

"They are able to connect the customers, facebook customers, to businesses," says Bergert.

Facebook users are customers. Facebook itself is a business.

"When a business wants to purchase an ad from facebook, facebook is able to connect them with the targeted customer base," says Bergert.

And facebook is good at making those connections because they know what you click on, who you're friends with, and what you post.

"They have to keep in mind that that information about them is being gathered constantly on facebook," says Bergert.

This isn't something new. It's the same concept of when someone enters a raffle or gives an email address to a store cashier.

"That's sharing your personal information right there," says Bergert.

This teacher wants her students to have all the information they need to make their own decisions about the social media beast, knowing it's not personal, it's just business.