Missing dune buggy that a local 10-year-old worked for has been returned

“I would forgive them and I would at least tell them thank you for returning my reward,” said Malachi Wilkey.

Update: Good news! Malachi's dune buggy has been found. 

The Buffalo Police Department continues to investigate the incident. 

Original: DAVENPORT - Malachi Wilkey has a big smile on his face riding in his dune buggy that he worked hard to buy.

"Every summer day I had my papa come pick me up and me and him went out and I mowed three houses a day," said Malachi Wilkey.

All of his hard work was taken away, on Sunday, December, 17th, 2017 his family found it missing out of his grandfather's garage.

"It was basically sitting right here, next to his dragster and another quad, the dune buggy was in here," said William Wilkey, grandfather.

"I felt kind of like who would want to do this to a man that has worked basically five months for it," said Malachi.

That's at the heart of the family's disappointment, he worked so hard for it.

"It wasn't a present it wasn't a gift you know we raise our son to be an outstanding young man and he is and for somebody to take that from him it's just, it's horrible," said Fantasia Edwards, Malachi's mother.

In this season of giving, there's something Malachi wants to give to the person who took his prized possession.

"I would forgive them and I would at least tell them thank you for returning my reward," said Malachi.

A black quad and blue Yamaha 80 motocross were also taken out of the garage.

A police report has been filed with the Scott County Sheriff's Department.

The family has started a GoFundMe page after receiving messages from people wanting to help.