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Local contractor accused of scamming again

Victim says he was taken for $9,500

BETTENDORF- A contractor who says he helps and employs veterans is again coming under fire by another disgruntled customer who says he's been ripped off.

Tim Alan Coker has advertised his business on Craigslist, under various names including United Roofing and US Vets Home Improvement.

A Bettendorf man named Mike Kleinsmith now says that back in August, he gave Coker $9,500 to start work on a 20 by 24 structure in his backyard where he could build things for his new grandaughter.

"He wanted $8,000 down and when the concrete work was done, another $1,500. I gave him $9,500 upfront," said Kleinsmith, who works for the City of Davenport.

Today, more than 3 months later, there is nothing to show for it.

"He basically stole my money. He deceived me," said Kleinsmith, who says he's received excuse after excuse by text from Coker.

Coker was taken to court by other customers in 2015, who said they gave him money and the work was never done. They say he promised to refund their money, and never did.

Coker on Wednesday said his truck and tools were stolen in late October, and slammed the door on WQAD-TV at his apartment in East Moline.

Kleinsmith says he hired Coker because he thought it would be a nice thing to help veterans.

"My biological father is a veteran. Coker, he told me he was a military veteran, he hires nothing but homeless vets off the streets and puts them to work," Kleinsmith said.

Instead, he says what little work was done by Coker's crew was sub-par and not up to code, and had to be torn out.

Three weeks ago, he hired another contractor to lay the concrete foundation, but doesn't have the money now to build his wood working garage.

"Basically, right now, it's cost more than $14,000. And I have a slab. I'd love to see him go to jail. You can't just go around and screw people," Kleinsmith said.