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Local businesses scramble after levee breaks

Owners say they are doing what they can to fight the flooding and open their doors again soon.

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Second Street businesses are forced to close after levee breaks in downtown Davenport. Owners say they are doing what they can to fight the flooding and open their doors again soon.

"I was looking the river in the eye," Ragged Records owner Bob Herington said. "It was right at eye level and you could tell that it was inches away from coming over."

Herington spent the day moving his merchandise to high grounds, but was hoping it wasn't going to be necessary.

"I was kind of hoping with the new HESCO barriers that we would be protected," Herington said. "Who would have thought we would have got this much rain and this much water, this fast."

While most of the shop's goods are safe, the flooded floors are enough to keep the doors closed.

"It's a little overwhelming," Herrington said. "It'll take a little while to sit in. It may be weeks before we are able to get inside just to clean up."

Great River Brewery may be named after the mighty Mississippi, but co-owner Scott Lehnert says he doesn't think the river is "great" today.

"As much water as you see outside the brewery, is the same in the brewery," Lehnert said.

Lehnert said they have spent the last two days prepping for the flood, but once the levee broke, there was nothing they could have done to stop the water.

"Within minuets, the water was already about three or four feet high," Lehnert said.

He says sitting and watching the water rise into his business is the worst part.

"It make me a little sick," he said. "But, hopeful we will get through it."

Jim Koehler has owned a building on 2nd street and Iowa street for more than 25 years. Koehler says he's never seen the water rise this quickly.

"It's scary," Koehler said. "They're saying it could come up another two or three feet."

Ragged Records and Great River Brewing both say they do not know when they will be able to open their doors again.