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Local businesses accommodate last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers

Any last minute shoppers still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.
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MOLINE, Illinois - Valentine's Day helps keep the bills paid for local small businesses all throughout the area.

The National Retail Federation predicts American's will spend nearly $20 Billion on gifts for their romantic interests this year.

While Christmas is typically about trendy gifts, Valentine's Day tends to focus more on traditional gifts.

Jewelry, flowers and chocolates are at the top of the "most wanted" list year after year on the week of February 14.

K'nee's Florists and Lagomarcino's in Moline both work hard to meet the demand of last minute Valentine's Day shoppers.

"We are a small business, we are family owned, and we are trying to embrace that feeling of local. When you buy from us you are getting things that are made here in the Quad Cities." said Trisha Engle, President of K'nees Florists. "We take a lot of pride and joy in what we do."

Small business owners around the area echo that statement.

"We find that, maybe we only see a customer once a year. Well, that one time is very important because if he or she doesn’t get their Lagomarcino's chocolates (the significant other) might be in a day or two afterward buying their own." said Beth Lagomarcino, Co-Owner of Lagomarcino's Chocolates.

A week of hard work, not only delivering "sweet" products, but spreading love throughout the community.