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Local 78-year-old crowned Prom Queen

It just goes to show age doesn’t have to stop you from making new memories.

EAST MOLINE-- There aren't many occasions where Betty Johnson gets dolled up anymore. That's how we know its a special day.

"Everything is wonderful today," says Betty.

It seems like today couldn't get any better, but it does.

"I've never been to prom, never," says Betty.

Betty says she and her husband Leo were never into dancing when they were younger. They preferred to roller skate. But she's always wanted to go to prom. 78 years later her wish is granted.

At Hope Creek Care Center in East Moline, residents got their hair and makeup done, had a special barbecue dinner, and spent the evening listening and dancing to live music. It's something staff puts on every year.

It was a night out of a storybook for Betty, and it got even better when the clock struck 7 p.m.

Betty was pronounced Prom Queen 2017 with Leo right by her side, wheel chair to wheel chair.

"I'm speechless! I'm very very very happy. I don't think I can keep the tears from coming," says Betty.

It just goes to show age doesn't have to stop you from making new memories.