John Deere Classic sees record number of volunteers

A record 2000 volunteers are taking time out to help the John Deere Classic.
Karen Dahlstrom (WQAD photo)

SILVIS, Illinois – The small town-operated John Deere Classic set a record that was unthinkable a few years ago.

It has a record number of volunteers: 2000.

"We actually, at the start of the tournament, we had to turn volunteers away," admitted volunteer Tournament Chairman Tony Carpita.

"We were out of shirts."

A few years ago, the Tournament launched an effort to increase the number of volunteers for the annual summer golf tournament.  But it also needed to get more younger volunteers involved.

"I think people come out here and they have fun and they tell their friends and that's what we continue to see happen," said Carpita.

Plus, this year golf organizers utilized social media more.

Carpita's tenure as Tournament Chairman is also marked by an increased emphasis on the charitable efforts led by the John Deere Classic.  Walkways have signage telling the story of charities helped by the John Deere Classic and the Birdies for  Charity program.