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Iraqi refugee’s early graduation celebrated by local church

Connection Quad Cities celebrated the early graduation of Iraqi refugee.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - It was an early graduation celebration for Adbul-Azeez Algburi.

"I just love it, I'm just excited about it," he said.

Four years ago he and his family moved here from Iraq barely knowing any English.

"We came here and we learned more about (it), we learned from like friends and videos," said Abdul-Azeez.

The family didn't have an easy start here in the United States.

"We started new life, new language, everything actually, it was a little bit hard in the beginning," said his sister Ritaj Algburi.

The family came here, fleeing violence in their home country of Iraq with the help of World Relief.

Abdul-Azeez has been able to make the Quad Cities home with the help of his friends at Connection Quad Cities.

"The determination Azeez has showed and his sister Ritaj has graduated from high school, I mean, they work so hard," said Jason Holtgrewe, Pastor, Connection Quad Cities.

The graduate was surrounded with love and support as he gets ready to continue his education.

"I'm getting my diploma in May and after that I'm just going to Scott to learn more about English and learn about engineering," said Abdul-Azeez.

Taking on a new challenge of going to college.