Iowa to adopt rules for using red light and speed cameras

The process is underway to set up rules governing automated traffic enforcement systems on primary highways in Iowa.
traffic camera

The process is underway to set up rules to help determine if and where automated traffic enforcement should be set up in Iowa.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says as of March 2013 Iowa has no laws on the books restricting when or where automated enforcement can happen.

The IIHS says Illinois has several laws on the books concerning automated enforcement, but it is allowed statewide only in construction zones or on roads controlled by the Illinois Toll Authority.  Local authorities are prohibited from using speed cameras.

The Iowa Department of Transportation wants to establish rules that will give local agencies a consistent way to document locations with safety issues, and for determining whether automated traffic enforcement such as red light cameras or speed cameras is warranted.

The cameras could be set up on interstate highways, U.S. highways and state highways.

The Iowa DOT plans to complete the rule process by the end of 2013.