Iowa senator wants state ban on traffic cameras

Since Davenport installed the cameras, there has been a 34 percent decrease in vehicle trauma injuries city-wide.
red light camera

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa senator is optimistic the state Legislature will ban automated traffic cameras that he argues are primarily revenue sources for cities, but officials in Davenport say the devises have succeeded in reducing car speeds and preventing crashes.

The Quad-City Times reports Republican Brad Zaun plans to push legislation to ban the cameras during the next legislative session. Zaun says many cameras often show inaccurate data because they’ve been improperly calibrated or checked.

Davenport traffic engineer Gary Statz says there’s been a large reduction in red light crashes at intersections with cameras though. He also cites a 34 percent decrease in vehicle trauma injuries as reported by Genesis Health System.

Zaun says the bill will likely make it to the governor’s desk while Gov. Terry Brandstad is still in office.