Iguana thrown inside Ohio restaurant suffers broken leg

“I want my f****** lizard back,” Teeter yelled.

PAINESVILLE, Ohio– The iguana that was thrown inside an Ohio restaurant is now recovering from a broken leg.

Officers were called to the Perkins in Painesville shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday for a disorderly customer.

Painesville police said Arnold Teeter, 49, laid down in a booth and threw a menu at a waitress. When he was approached by the manager, Teeter allegedly pulled an iguana out from under his sweatshirt and starting swinging the lizard over his head. He threw the animal, which missed the manager, and landed on the floor, according to police.

Teeter picked up the iguana by the tail and left the restaurant.

Iguana thrown inside Ohio restaurant suffers broken leg

Officers searched the area and learned the suspect was outside the Painesville YMCA. Police said they found Teeter walking through traffic as cars swerved to avoid hitting him. He struggled with law enforcement in the street before he was handcuffed.

Police removed the 2-foot iguana from his shirt. Department staff cared for the animal until it was transferred to the Lake County Humane Society.

According to Painesville police, an exam at the Animal Center of Euclid revealed it suffered a leg bone fracture, which will required surgery. It has metabolic bone disease, is missing part of its tail and is in poor condition.

Iguana thrown inside Ohio restaurant suffers broken leg