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I-74 Bridge crew dispels rumor of poor construciton

A rumor began to spread alleging that the construction of the I-74 bridge was poorly managed – but then, the bridge responded.
I-74 Bridge arches

A local rumor that spread within the Quad Cities regarding the construction of the new Interstate 74 bridge has caused the the bridge’s Facebook page to release a video dispelling the hearsay.

The rumored report claimed that the alignment of the bridge’s arches could be up to 5 feet off of its intended construction path.  The bridge crew responded with a video outlining the process of bridge construction, especially stressing how precise the construction must be, although they admit the work is taking longer than expected.

According to the bridge’s website, the project is expected to be completed about halfway through the year 2020. The new bridge will be significantly wider than the original, and come with improvements to connected roadways.