Hundreds of stranded cars on Interstate 74

Many cars have people stranded inside.

Knox County, Illinois  --  Knox County Public Safety reports over 500 calls regarding stranded cars needing to be towed from deep snow. The county says more than 20 cars are still stranded. Henry County Sheriffs Department reports over 700 calls asking for help during the blizzard.

Tow truck drivers began towing cars early this morning. They say they will tow until everyone is safe.

"I rescued people who were stuck for over 15 hours," Berg's Towing driver Levi Wardship said.

Wardship's tow truck also got stuck in the snow for over three hours. He said he hasn't ever seen roads this bad, but wants to do what he can to help.

"When people call you a hero, you never think of it like that," Wardship said. "It feels good helping people."

"I am so thankful," stranded driver Dioseline Sanchez said. "We've called about 10 trucks and only a few answered. They said it'll take hours for one to come here."

Wardship said he plans to rescue over 20 people from the roads.