How you can help victims of Naplate’s EF-3 tornado

The February 28th tornado that tore through Naplate left a line of destruction through the village, but there is a way you can help.
Naplate destruction. WQAD photo

NAPLATE, Illinois — The February 28th tornado that tore through Naplate left a line of destruction through the village.  The village didn’t reach the threshold to receive financial aid, but there is a way you can help.

The EF-3 tornado caused a range of damage to the village from minor things like broken windows, to more severe destruction like torn roofs and even homes that were completely destroyed, said a spokesperson in the village.

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Naplate will not be receiving any federal or state money, but that doesn’t mean the village isn’t getting any help.

An account has been set up at Ottawa Savings Bank for anyone who would like to donate to the tornado relief fund, according to Village Clerk Gerry Krammerer.

As far as other necessary items, Krammerer said the Salvation Army has done a “terrific job” helping to fulfill their need for clothing.

Before the tornado, the village had 496 residents, but since the storm some have been forced to leave, Krammerer said.  Right now the village is working to figure out which buildings need to be torn down and helping residents.

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Despite living roughly 100 miles away from the destruction, Davenport, Iowa resident Eric Buckallew felt the call to help those victims.  After finding out that Naplate wouldn’t be receiving any financial aid, he pushed to get a relief fund in place for people to donate to help their efforts.

“Everybody deserves to have help,” Buckallew said. “I want somebody to know that there are people out here that still have a good heart.”

As donations come in to the village, Krammerer said a committee has been formed to figure out what the donation money will be used for.

To donate money to help the Village of Naplate, send checks payable to the “Village of Naplate” and write in the memo field, “Tornado Relief Fund.” Send to Ottawa Savings Bank, 925 LaSalle St., Ottawa, IL 61350.

“We will also be happy to accept gift card donations on behalf of the village that we will pass along to them,” said a spokesperson form Ottawa Savings Bank.