Voting from a hospital bed is challenging, but possible

Hospital voters have the right to request emergency absentee ballots.

QUAD CITIES - An unexpected trip to the hospital on election day could leave some wondering how they can make their voice count.

Both Rock Island and Scott counties have plans in place for voters who end up unexpectedly in the hospital.

In Rock Island county the voter must have been hospitalized in the last two weeks.

"The process is basically an application and an absentee ballot at the same time," said John Brown, Rock Island Deputy County Clerk.

A family member or someone who lives in the hospitalized persons' precinct can pick up the ballot and application to take to the hospital.

"Have the application signed first which they will bring back with them and then have the voter open their envelope, vote their ballot, put it back in the envelope, seal it," said Brown.

In Scott County, the process is different.

"All someone has to do is let us know that you're in the hospital and we'll send a team up to (help you) vote," said Roxanna Moritz, Scott County Auditor.

The team consists of a registered Republican and Democrat who would give the hospitalized person the ballot.

"You know who's in there, you know that you're getting it back and receiving it and making sure that they're votes do count," said Moritz.

Each county has a different protocol, so if you do find yourself in the hospital make sure to contact your local office. Rock Island's is here and Scott County is here.