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How QC area school districts plan to make up for all these snow days

Some school districts are taking away summer vacation days, while others have a different idea.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – With all these days off school for a lot of area kids, school districts are planning on adding on days to the summer taking away from vacation time. But Rock Island is doing something differently – they are taking days away from what was originally a two-week spring break.

Energetic kids and staying cooped up inside isn’t always the best combination.

“Today they had a snow day off of school, so they decided to come to Sissy’s and play some board games,” says Brittney Short, the step sister of Emily, Molly, and Katie Short.

Older sister Brittney’s invitation is the perfect solution for the kids on the coldest day of the year.

“Sometimes it gets a little crazy,” explains Brittney. “They all want to win, but it’s better than watching TV.  It’s just nice to have a sister day.”

This is the fifth snow day for Rock Island schools.  The district is now taking days away from their two-week spring break, which is now at one week.

“It’s nice knowing what we are going to do,” says Holly Sparkman, Communications Director of Rock Island School District. “That we have a plan and we aren’t going to build in school days at the end of the year when nobody really wants to come to school in June.”

“When I went to Rocky over the four years I had one snow day,” remembers Brittney. “Now, they are having three a week, it’s pretty crazy.”

Crazy kids who must find something to do indoors. But, the Short girls are fine with that – they are bundles of energy who don’t mid spending an afternoon together.

Most Quad City area schools will be back in session on Friday, February 1.

Below is a list of what local school districts will be doing with their academic calendars:

Bettendorf: TBD

Moline: Days will be taken away from summer vacation - students will now be in session until June 7.

Pleasant Valley: Days will be taken away from summer vacation - students will now be in session until June 7.  School will also be in session on February 15, 2019.  Early dismissal days March 6, 2019, April 3, 2019, and May 1, 2019 will now be full days.

Davenport: Days will be added on to summer vacation.

East Moline: TBD

Monmouth: TBD

Burlington: TBD