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Here’s the #1 Valentine’s candy in each state, and why you’ll see less sweethearts

What Candy will you be buying this Valentine’s day?
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Ever wondered what to get on Valentine’s day? check the map below to see what every state likes most…

Valentine’s Day Candy sales are expected to exceed $1.8 Billion this year. Last year, the National Retail Federation predicted a decline in Valentine’s Day spending EXCEPT for the candy. Using sales data from the past 11 years  CandyStore.com has compiled sales data to determine the most popular Valentine’s Day candy.


Conversation hearts have always been a Valentine’s day staple.
But those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate were more popular. That changed last year when conversation hearts finally became more popular than the heart-boxed chocolate.

Cupid corn (Candy corn) didn’t do as well.

This is a total reversal from the Christmas season where candy corn and its seasonal variants saw increased sales.



The ever-popular M&M’s did not claim any new #1 spots for any states, it did claim 3 more #2 spots and 5 more #3 spots.

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Conversation hearts candies are the most popular candy for Valentine’s Day season. But if you’re a fan there’s bad news.

“Sweethearts were made by the New England Confectionery Company. Necco, for short. And despite the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018, the company was not able to be saved. Necco is dead, and so are SweetHearts for now.”

Candystore.com estimates that over 80% of the conversation hearts purchased are SweetHearts brand. So expect to see WAY less of them this year…


“Last year, based on the number of pounds sold, conversation hearts were the new #1 Valentine’s candy in America. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates had been overtaken after a slow and steady rise of the little sugar hearts with cute sayings on them.”

In 2018, Necco announced they needed to sell the company, on July 24, 2018, the factory was shut down. Factory workers were told not to show up to work the next day.

To give you an idea of why that matters check the fast facts below.



What Candy will you be buying this Valentine’s day? Better make the right choice…