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Governor criticizes school deal a day after issuing praise

Rauner spoke Friday at a Marion Chamber of Commerce event.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivers 2015 State of the State Address

MARION, Ill. (AP) — A day after praising a tentative deal in Illinois’ school funding fight, Gov. Bruce Rauner is giving it mixed reviews.

Bipartisan legislative leaders say they’ve outlined an agreement to fund schools, but details are being worked out.

On Thursday Rauner applauded leaders’ efforts on “historic” funding reform. But on Friday he said there’s still too much money for Chicago and he’ll try to fix problems with “subsequent legislation.”

He says he likes other parts of the deal, including a more equitable way to dispense money and a proposed program to provide tax credits for those who donate to private school scholarships.

The Republican spoke Friday at a Marion Chamber of Commerce event.

The budget lawmakers approved last month requires a new formula for schools to get money this year.