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Glenview Middle School’s annual ‘gBay’ helps families in need

It’s Glenview’s version of eBay.

EAST MOLINE-- Glenview Middle School hosted annual 'gBay' shopping auction.

Think of it as the school's version of 'eBay'. Over 1,000 students are allowed to come and bid on items that have been donated. This year, students had over 400 gifts to bid on. The price for each item starts at 25 cents, but organizer Gaye Dunn says items can go for a couple dollars.

"I think they have a great time doing it," Dunn said.

The annual school auction allows students to build money management skills as well as find affordable gifts in time for the holiday season. All the money raised from the shopping auction will go to the school's Builder's Club, an extracurricular social service group sponsored by Kiwanis. This year, Dunn and the club will donate the auction money to Glenview families in need.

"We're able to give families $20 gift cards, Dunn said. "For items like food or Christmas gifts."

Students have two days to bid on the items.

"If I bid on something now then Other people are going to want to bid on it," student Kohen Landry said. "I'm waiting on the cheapest price."

Counselor Dunn will then announce the winner of each item and get them to the new owner.

This will be Dunn's last year to host 'gBay', but she still plans to participate.

"I'll probably be donating items to get rid of," Dunn said.