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This couple’s secret to 79 years of marriage might be Hershey’s chocolate

Virginia and Curtis Peters ring in 79th wedding anniversary hand in hand with Hershey’s chocolate.

GENESEO, Illinois – 79 years is no doubt a long time, and it’s the milestone Virginia and Curtis Peters are celebrating on their May 18th wedding anniversary.

It’s a love to last a lifetime – a very long lifetime for Virginia (103) and Curtis (100).

After living for more than a century, Virginia and Curtis say there really isn’t a secret.

“Just by being good kids, I guess,” comments Virginia.

Curtis isn’t the chattiest husband, but Virginia – on the other hand – speaks her mind.


“Don’t women always talk for their husbands,” Virginia says.

Their physical health is impressive.  Curtis is still able to make strides using his walker at a normal pace.  But, what’s truly remarkable is they said “I do” on May 18th, 1940, making this anniversary number 79.

Back then, Curtis was a self-employed painter in Waterloo, and Virginia was a teacher during World War II.

“It’s a long long time, but they are good times,” Virginia explains.

Their nurse, Julie Derick, can tell they were meant to be.

“Yes, and they are still madly in love, isn’t that great?” Derick says. “They hold hands all the time.”

“We just like it, like being close,” Virginia says.

“Mom says she likes to keep hold of him, so he doesn’t get out of the chair or go flirt with the nurses,” comments Susan Cathoir, Curtis and Virginia’s daughter.


But, that’s not their only secret keeping them hand in hand for almost eight decades.

“Oh let’s see, what do we eat?” says Virginia. “Candy!”

Everyday, Virginia and Curtis share a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

“Chocolate keeps him going, and he keeps her going, they love each other very much,” says Cathoir.

Love and chocolate is all they need to make a long time feel like no time at all.

The couple celebrated this weekend along with family and friends who came into town.

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