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Funeral services set for family of five who died in fire

Fire officials on Thursday say they still don’t have an exact cause.

DAVENPORT - Funeral services will be held next Tuesday for a Davenport family of five who perished in a fire four days before Christmas.

Kelsey Clain, 23, and two of her children died at the scene of the mobile home fire on December 21.

Four-year-old Skylar Smead and his nine-month-old baby sister Isabella initially survived and were airlifted to an Iowa City hospital in very critical condition.

But their aunt, Briana Smead now confirms the two were taken off life support this week, and died.

"Skylar and Isabella were resuscitated, they had gotten heartbeats back. We were praying so bad, that one of them, or both of them would make it. But, they were without oxygen too long," Smead says.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I lose all three of my nephews and my niece and that's all my son's cousins. He has no more. They were just the best kids," Smead said.

Fire officials on Thursday say they still don't have an exact cause, but say the home did not have a working smoke alarm.

"We don't like to Monday-morning quarterback stuff but I do believe that would have been a game changer," said interim Davenport Fire Marshal Jim Morris.

Morris says the city has a program that started in 2012 which offers free smoke detectors to residents.

"If there's anybody out there that lives inside the city limits, we will come out and install the smoke detector for you, explain how it works," he said.

Smead says her brother is the children's father, but that he and Clain were not a couple any longer.

Family members left behind are still in shock over the tragedy.

"We just can't believe this happened. We saw them about a week ago for Christmas. Kelsey was all about her kids. She loved her kids so much. I feel so bad for Kelsey's mom. She lost her daughter, she wanted those kids to make it. To lose your daughter and your grand kids."