Fourth person joins race for Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s office

The fourth person announced his candidacy for Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s office.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- A fourth person has announced their candidacy for the Rock Island County State's Attorney's office.

Attorney Herb Schultz is the third Democrat to join the race.

The current Interim State's Attorney, Dora Villarreal, and an Assistant State's Attorney, Calvin Dane, is also running for the office.

The only Republican running so far for Rock Island County State's Attorney is Kathleen Bailey. She is a former Assistant State's Attorney.

At Schultz's candidacy announcement August 29, 2019, he says Rock Island county is constantly evolving.

"I've seen (the county) change in the past 32 years, so you have to understand things are changing," Schultz says. "So you always have to have a different look in the community, because you can't have something that worked 10 years ago work today."