Former Galesburg Shopko building reportedly has new owner

The former Galesburg Shopko building just outside the busy Henderson Street district reportedly has a new owner and new plans.
Image from iOS

The Shopko building just outside the main Galesburg area has a new owner from the local region, according to a report from the Register-Mail.

The report says that the building was purchased by the Monmouth company Robbins Resource Management on October 4th for $400,000. A special use application that is expected to be considered at a Tuesday, October 22nd Planning and Zoning Commission requests the ability to use the property for product assembly, warehouse, and storage. The company specializes in wholesale plastic pallets and lumber.

As part of the project, developer Jason Robbins will also provide a three-hour fire barrier and replace the building’s sprinkler system to bring it up to code requirements. Robbins also says more plans for the building will be revealed once the special use application makes it through city process.