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Flag bearers line Centennial Bridge to honor America’s military members

After marching into position, the flag bearers stood holding their flags high.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - On June 14, the United States flag turned 241-years-old. A local woman had a dream of honoring the people who fight for America's freedom by lining the Centennial Bridge with American flags.

More than 130 people lined the Centennial Bridge just before 8 a.m. to help Karen Buchanan make her dream come true this morning.

Cars honked and spectators cheered as they passed by and took a look at all of the red, white, and blue.

After marching into position, the flag bearers stood holding their flags high.

For over an hour, the flags were held with pride and honor.

The goal was to pay respect to the nation's veterans and soldiers who fight for American freedom every day.

Buchanan said her dream came true and she feels that the event came at a time where so many people in the Quad Cities community are searching for an outlet to show patriotism.

"A lot of people want to express patriotism right now, they want to show our country is great, our country is wonderful and they don't get an outlet to do that really and this is an outlet where they get to physically be a part of it. " said Buchanan.

It was the first time the "Fly the Flag High" event was held, and Buchanan said she hopes to continue to grow the event.

She said long-term goals are to someday line the new I-74 bridge in honor of the nation's military.

Fun fact: Flag day became an official holiday back in 1949 when President Trumann signed an Act of Congress. However, the holiday stems from the anniversary of the Flag Resolution in 1777.