Few left working in the Kahl Education Center as college moves to urban campus

Only a few employees are left at the old Kahl Education Center before they move into Scott Community College’s Urban Campus down the street.

DAVENPORT - The hallways are empty, nothing left but a few chairs and desks sitting in abandoned classrooms.

It's so quite you could hear a pin drop in the nearly 100-year-old building.

Amy Herrig is one of a handful of employees still left on the eighth floor of the Kahl Building, for her the quiet can be eery.

"If no one's here it's like, okay we're the only ones here, you hear a noise or a door or something," said Amy Herrig, Admissions Coordinator of Adult Programs.

As Amy walks around the floor she sees nothing but old furniture instead of the people that used to fill the offices.

"They left us here in the building with all the stuff, ya know," said Herrig.

Around 1,000 students filled the six floors of classrooms each semester, now, you can see out the window where all of those students will be at Scott Community College's Urban Campus down the street.

For the assistant dean of the old Kahl Education Center the building holds some funny memories.

"Every once in a while we'll have an elevator that would need to be serviced and so it might run a little bit slower, somebody might have a problem with the door a moment or two so you would be on the other side talking to them," said Susan Hess.

However, this building could hold new memories, the college plans to renovate this building into residential units for students from all of the area's colleges.

"Why we've had great stuff that we've done here, hopefully it will carry into the new place as well," said Herrig.

Closing the door on one chapter to move on to the next.

Classes begin on January 16th at the building located at 3rd and Main Street downtown.

The building to the east that will house administration will open Spring 2018.