Father and son team trekking entire Mississippi River to raise disability awareness

The entire journey is just under 1,800 miles.

DUBUQUE, Iowa  —  A father and his disabled son are making their way down the Mississippi to help others with disabilities.

Shaun Evans is running the entire length of the river while pushing his son Shamus, who is in a wheelchair. Shamus was born with cerebral palsy, but his dad says that has not stopped him from being active.

The goal for the determined duo is to run from Minnesota to Louisiana in 28 days, traveling 1,700 miles. Shaun says it was Shamus who thought of the idea, and it was his special wheelchair that made it a reality. The chair converts into a bike trailer and offers versatility for children with special needs.

“He wants to be an active participant in whatever manner that can be for him. I have the honor and privilege of being his legs so that he can participate in running events or biking events or triathlons,” said Shaun.

“I was walking along the Mississippi River and I asked the president of Ainsley’s Angels how long the Mississippi River was, and she was like, ‘1,750 miles,’ and so I thought we could do that,” said Shamus.

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