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Exelon plans to add more jobs after almost shutting down

Exelon looking to hire around 100 more workers to it’s nuclear power plants in Cordova and Clinton.

Exelon is looking to grow it's number of workers after the  Cordova and Clinton nuclear plants almost shut down.

Officials say they are looking to add around 100 permanent full-time jobs over the next coming months.

After receiving a 235 million dollar subsidy from the Illinois legislature they are also looking to add upgrades and a new building.

"We'll spend somewhere between 30 to 50 million dollars in upgrades this year and next as we do some of this construction activity and of course this will be done with all local union workers," says Exelon Communications Manager Bill Stoermer.

Stoermer also says additional workers will be needed for the plants special projects.

"We have what we call supplemental workers that work for the local unions and so we will have an additional probably 300 to 400 people that will spend the year here on some of these capital projects," says Stoermer.

Exelon will continue to hire over the next coming months.