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Echoes of disappointment surround lawmakers after Illinois budget stalemate

Illinois lawmakers are sharing their thoughts on adjourning without an approved budget.
Illinois Lawmakers

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — Illinois lawmakers are sharing some of their thoughts after having adjourned their regular session without approving a budget once again.

The feeling of disappointment seems to be the common thread among them.

Congressman Bill Foster: “Illinois is the first state in eight decades to go without a budget, and Springfield’s continued failure to pass a budget has caused irreparable damage to our schools, roads, and medical assistance facilities in our state.”

Senator Neil Anderson: “We just adjourned on the last scheduled day of the spring legislative session and I have to say, I’m disappointed….While we have made progress on some issues, the people of this state deserve much more. They deserve leaders who will put partisanship aside and put the people of Illinois first to pass a real balanced budget.”

State Rep. Carol Ammons: “The governor has made it clear that his focus is on pushing changes in state law that benefit the top 1% before he will agree to even negotiate on an honest budget. Even in the face of these demands, our caucus has shown immense compromise and willingness to work with the governor and meet him half way. What do we receive in return? Nothing but a turned back and more and more games.”

State Senator Jil Tracy: “After months of progress, I’m extremely disappointed the Illinois legislature is adjourning without a true balanced budget or meaningful reforms. Instead of working toward a bipartisan compromise, the Senate Democrats walked away from the negotiating table, passing a permanent $5.4 billion income tax hike while failing to pass crucial reforms needed to grow the economy, create jobs and provide the property tax relief Illinois taxpayers deserve.”

House Speaker Michael Madigan says Democrats will meet in “continuous session” over the summer to negotiate a deal.

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