East Galesburg resident captures video of multiple trucks trying to squeeze under small bridge

Resident in East Galesburg captures videos of trucks getting stuck under bridge.

EAST GALESBURG, Illinois - Adrienne Marsh couldn't believe what she was recording on her cell phone, a semi scraping the top of the bridge next to her home.

It's happened multiple times at the railroad bridge on Main Street between East Galesburg and Galesburg.

"My main concern is that one of these days this is really going to mess up something structural wise," said Marsh.

Almost every week she records videos, often the driver catches the mistake without damage trying to back up and turn around.

"I get anxious and I get very nervous, about a year ago my mailbox was ripped out by a semi, so that's my main reason for actually doing a lot of the video taping," said Marsh.

Traffic on her street has picked up as a nearby highway construction project diverted traffic to the neighborhood and under the bridge.

"Part of the times when semis are hitting this bridge there's trains stopped on top of it, so I don't know how much of a jerk that's gonna take just to make a train jiggle and go sideways and derail," said Marsh.

The problem may soon be over, the Illinois State Transportation Department told the Register Mail Newspaper that the construction project is now completed.

The heavy traffic may no longer squeeze through Adrienne's neighborhood, good news for her and her family.

"It could easily be my house, my children get dropped off here by a bus and like I said this is constant traffic through here quite a bit," said Marsh.

She'll continue to keep an eye out for over-sized trucks trying to squeeze through a too-low bridge.

A BNSF spokesman says they have done an inspection on the bridge in the past week and say it is structurally safe.