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Dress for Success facing complications with finding a location

“We’re not in the position to buy the building, it’s hard you know I mean everything you’ve worked for is kinda swept away but you hear ...

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- For the next few months Dress for Success Quad Cities will be inside the old Beauty Brands store off of Elmore Avenue in Davenport. Employees say it is a beautiful location with open space and windows but unfortunately it isn't a permanent solution. A few weeks ago they lost their original location to the breach on the Mississippi.

Inside the new store, all of their clothes that survived the flooding are still being moved around to find their place. Racks in front of the hair salon and make-shift dressing rooms for the suiting program the provide.

According to founder and director, Regina Haddock, a lot of clothes couldn't escape the flooding and were taken to the Salvation Army.

"We're not in the position to buy the building, it's hard you know I mean everything you've worked for is kinda swept away but you hear that all the time. Every flood victim you hear on TV and you think 'oh too bad for them' then you live it and you realize how disorienting it is," said Haddock.

Dress for Success isn't able to insure their items due to them being donated, so everything that was in the three to four feet of water was lost.

The original plan was to be in this new location for a few months while the original store on second street was fixed up, but now their lease has been cut and the building is being sold.

"Within less than a week we lost our lease so now not only did we have to move in here for the next 60-90 days we have to find a new location with another whole bunch of things on the second floor," said Haddock.

They are heartbroken about losing their original location they are happy to be  set up in a new location at least for the time being.

Opening day is Tuesday, May 21. For now, they will no be accepting clothing donations until they are ready.