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Davenport Skybridge offers views unlike any other of 2019 flooding

People are able to see the floods from the street, but you have to go higher to get the entire picture.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – You’ve seen the flood from the street, but seeing the water from above is a view unlike any other.

While flooding forces some to flee, others are choosing to take it in.

“It’s Iowa, it’s the Mississippi,” says one Davenport Skybridge onlooker.

From below you can see a fraction of the flood waters, but it’s when you decide to go up higher your perspective changes.

“You can see everything, like everything,” emphasizes onlooker, Tasha Tiffany.

A hike up the Davenport Skybridge and you can see for yourself the endless flooding down River Drive – it just keeps going.

“Looking over the amphitheater it’s on the stage,” says Joshua Schlue.

The buildings along the river are now islands among the water.

“I’ve never seen with my own eyes the building over there almost completely covered and I’ve wanted to see it like forever,” says Tiffany. “I’m like it’s going to happen one day and that one day is today.”

The Mississippi River is now sitting like 22.3 feet. That’s a height some people can remember.

“It’s definitely up to 65 and real close to 93 now,” says one gawker.

While others, who weren't even alive during those floods are seeing them for the first time.  Kristin Forari brought her daughter up to the Skybridge to see the damage with her own eyes.

“She knows what it is, she said “water”,” says Forari. “I just told her we can’t play in the water.”

The water may not be going away any time soon, so take it in from a new height.

The Skybridge was completed in 2005, so this is the first time you can see a flood like this from a birds-eye view. It’s open to the public.