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Davenport votes yes on expanding bike and pedestrian networks across the city

The Davenport City Council will vote April 10 on revamping the city’s biking and pedestrian networks.

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Lace up your sneakers and grab your bicycle helmets! Davenport has voted to make it easier for you to get around without a car.

On April 10 the Davenport City Council voted yes on the Davenport GO multi-modal transportation plan.

The plan is an attempt by the city to enhance walking and biking options in the city. The City Council commissioned the plan in 2017. Since then they've focused on collecting accurate data and community input.

The city used online surveys, public meetings, and focus groups to see where the city could use improvements.

Survey: Davenport wants your input on how to improve QC transportation.

As outlined in the Davenport GO action plan, the city wants to:

  • Increase the number of people walking and biking for transportation
  • Improve access to key destinations
  • Remove barriers for bikers and pedestrians
  • Create links from neighborhoods to bike trails
  • Encourage community and individual health
  • Ensure safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bikers
  • Capitalize on developmental benefits

If passed, the plan will develop a cohesive network of bike and walking routes over two years.

For more information visit the Davenport GO website.