Davenport Police program aims to keep homeowners from being victims of crime

The Davenport Police Department’s program “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” aims at helping homeowners from being a victim of cr...

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Davenport Police Department's program "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" aims at helping homeowners from being a victim of crime.

Sylvia lives in a neighborhood she thinks is safe but she's always a little worried about a break-in.

"It's such a personal thing, like an invasion of your body because all those things are yours," said Sylvia.

She invited Davenport Police to her home to get tips on how she can make her house safer, the tour started outside.

"Keeping our bushes down to at least 2 feet in height and cutting your trees up to 7 or 8 feet, " said Corporal Hank Jacobsen, Davenport Police.

Corporal Jacobsen pointed out how landscape and outdoor lights can help prevent your home from being a victim of crime.

Inside the home, he checked to make sure the windows and doors were locked and found that the attached garage door was unlocked, he said it's a common thing he seen.

"The cars inside the garage, it's shut, they think that it's okay to leave things in their car they're amazed at the amount of burglaries that have happened," said Corporal Jacobsen.

Expensive jewelry is another item criminals look for and Corporal Jacobsen recommends keeping track of the important items you have.

"We'll use that information if someone's trying to sell your stuff but also for insurance purpose reasons, then they know exactly what you have," said Corporal Jacobsen.

At the end of the tour Sylvia said she learned a lot and was going to make some changes.

"You are so used to doing things a certain way and you`re not aware that maybe some of the things that you`ve been doing for those years is incorrect or not enough," said Sylvia.