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Davenport celebrates sister-city exchange with German students

Know any students who have studied abroad?

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Fifteen students from Kaiserslautern, Germany are studying "STEM" programs at Davenport West High School.

On Saturday, April 13, Davenport West students gave a presentation about their time in Germany last summer.  The exchange students spoke about their time in Davenport.

It's part of Davenport's Sister-City Exchange Program.

The exchange is made to encourage science, technology, engineering and math programs across the world. The two cities have been sister-cities since 1960.

"It was kind of like a culture shock but I was so excited to be there and to experience something like that," said Cody Neeper-Burris, a senior from Davenport West.

"U.S. culture in comparison to German culture is different, like school is different, high school is different, like the whole system," said Shpetim Hiliti, from Germany.

The exchange lasts for two weeks and then the students head back to Germany at the end of the month.