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Residents say water runoff from Portillo’s site is flooding Davenport neighborhood

The 6th Ward Alderman responds to residents concerns as water draining from the new development is pooling in people’s front yards.
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DAVENPORT, Iowa - The rain is causing some problems for residents who don't live near the river this week.

Water is running off of the construction site near the new Portillo's on 53rd Street in Davenport.

Residents who live on Lorton Avenue, Fairhaven Road and 51st Street say the neighborhood behind the new Portillo's site is being flooded.

Water is draining from the construction site, rushing through people's front yards, and pooling at the end of the block.

It's happening in Davenport's 6th Ward, and Alderman Rich Clewell is now responding to the neighbors concerns.

He says his job is to limit the impact the construction of the Portillo's is having on residents there.

As water rushes into the yards of residents, he wants to assure people that the excessive water runoff will not be permanent.

”What we are seeing is a lot of water coming off the construction site itself with this rain event, which in the future, once the grading is completed, that water will all go in the underground water retention system," said Clewell who is working with the city's Public Works Department to limit impact to residents.

A fence was installed on April 29 to help hold back some of the water that was rushing into yards.

Alderman Clewell said he will continue to monitor the area, and work with Davenport Public Works teams, who then work with construction site developers to ensure rules and guidelines are being followed to limit impact to the residents in the area.