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Community raises thousands of dollars for Moline teen in critical condition

The teen’s mom says doctors believe her son is fighting a virus but are unsure exactly what it is.

MOLINE, Illinois - A Moline High School football player was in critical condition at a hospital in Peoria on September 30 after becoming very sick the week before.

Both the team football page, and a donation site set up by the teen's family say doctors believe a virus is attacking the teen's organs.

According to a family member who made the donation site, doctors originally thought 15-year-old Dakovion (Kovi) Kennedy had a concussion, following football practice on Monday, September 23.

The family says Kovi developed a fever and he was taken to the Genesis Medical Center Illini Emergency Room in Silvis, Illinois the next morning, where Kovi learned he had a virus and needed rest.

After several days, Kennedy was still sick and his family says they took him to UnityPoint Health Trinity in Rock Island.

From there, his family says he was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, Illinois.

That's where he remained in critical condition on September 30.

Since arriving in Peoria, his family writes that he was incubated, and that a pacemaker was implanted into his neck.

The donation site also says doctors used an "external heart and lung machine," to give his organs time to heal.

His family says  the physician and surgeons explained that it could take weeks or even months to see improvement.

His mom told News 8  on Monday that it's still unclear exactly what is causing his illness.

She added that she is very thankful for the community's support.

The community has raised nearly $7,000 to help cover expenses.

The donations are something that inspire Moline High School football coach Mike Morrissey.

"When there’s somebody having an issue, the fact that people are willing to step up and help, that’s tremendous," Morrissey said.

He calls Kovi part of the "Moline High School football family" and said the entire team is rooting for Kovi's recovery.

"Obviously, there’s a lot of unknown and we don’t want to jump to conclusion on things but we're all praying and hoping that they can figure out what’s wrong and what kind of virus this is so they can actually treat it and get him back on the road to recovery," said Morrissey.

The funds raised are going to be used for the cost of transportation, food, hotels and childcare expenses as both Kovi's mom and dad have stopped working to be by their son's side as he recovers.

To donate, Click here.